2023 Review

The Boundary Commission for Wales is to hold 5 Public Hearings during the Secondary Consultation Period (11 January to 21 February).

2023 Review

Copies of the Initial Proposals report and maps relevant to your area are available to examine in a public location in your proposed constituency. 

2023 Review

2023 Parliamentary Review

This page gives summary information about the 2023 Parliamentary Review, with links to further information relating to each stage of the Review.

2023 Review

The Boundary Commission for Wales held three initial meetings, with political parties represented in Wales (in either the Senedd or UK Parliament), interested parties, and Members of Parliament to introduce them to the Review process as the 2023 Review got under way.

2023 Review

2023 Review FAQs 

Why are you conducting a review of Parliamentary constituencies? 

2023 Review

This is the Guide to the 2023 Review. It gives an overview of the policies and procedures which the Commission will follow in undertaking the review of parliamentary constituencies in Wales.

You can also find here the Easy Read version of the Guide.

2023 Review
The Commission will commence the 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies during the course of this year.