2013 Review

2013 Review

The 2013 Review was conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 as amended by the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011 (External link).

A summary of the relevant statutory framework and of the Commission's general approach to the reviews is to be found in the Commission's information booklet, 'The 2013 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in Wales - Information Booklet'.

Public consultation on this review was completed in December 2012. You can view the Commission's proposals at each stage via the left hand menu.

In January 2013 Parliament passed the (then) Electoral Registration and Administration Bill which amended the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act. The date which the Commission was required to report its recommendations for revised Parliamentary constituency boundaries to Parliament was changed from “before 1st October 2013” to “not before 1st September 2018 and before 1st October 2018”.

The Commission is required to use, for the basis of its recommendations, the electorate of a particular area on the ‘review date’ and the review date is defined in the Act as two years and ten months before the date by which the Commission is required to submit its report to Parliament.

Therefore this amendment had the effect of cancelling the 2013 review.

If you would like to contact the Commission please email bcomm.wales@wales.gsi.gov.uk or telephone 02920 464819.