2023 Parliamentary Review - Final Recommendations

2023 Review

The Commission began the 2023 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in 2021 and submitted its Final Recommendations to the Speaker of the House of Commons before 1 July 2023.

The Commission’s work is governed by the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 (as amended) (‘the Act’). The Act states that our report should be submitted to the Speaker of the House of Commons and that copies of the report must be sent to the Secretary of State or the Minister for the Cabinet Office.

The Act also sets out the timescale for our report, and states that the Commission must submit the final report in relation to the current review of boundaries before 1 July 2023.

It goes on to state that ‘On receiving a report under subsection (1), the Speaker must lay it before Parliament.’

Statutory reports that are to be laid before Parliament carry with them a conventional expectation that Parliament is the first audience. The Commission did not therefore make public our Final Recommendations at the same time as we submitted our report.

Now that the report has been laid before Parliament, the Commission is publishing it on its own website also.

We will not be distributing hard copies of the report and maps but they will be available to download.

You can find the Final Recommendations report below, along with other relevant documents.

The Commission's Final Recommendations will take effect automatically from the next scheduled General Election.

The new constituency boundaries shown here are provisional and are subject to confirmation by Ordnance Survey. The final boundaries may have small differences.

You can find the representations received by the Commission during the Revised Consultation Period here.