2023 Review
2023 Review
The Commission will commence the 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies during the course of this year.
Additional Phone Number: 02921 055 521

To assist in the move to a new phone system, the Commission has added an additional contact phone number 02921 055 521. The existing contact number 02920 464 819 can also continue to be used.

2023 Parliamentary Review - Final Recommendations
2023 Review

The Commission began the 2023 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in 2021 and submitted its Final Recommendations to the Speaker of the House of Commons before 1 July 2023.

Representations received during the Secondary Consultation Period
2023 Review

The Secondary Consultation Period of the 2023 Review, which included the Commission's 5 Public Hearings, opened on 17 February 2022 and closed on 30 March 2022.

Each written representation received during the Secondary Consultation Period, and the transcripts from the 5 Public Hearings can be found in the attached files. 

For more information on the Review, please read the Commission's Guide to the Review.

Boundary Commission for Wales to recruit Assistant Commissioners

The Boundary Commission for Wales is looking to recruit four Assistant Commissioners (including one reserve post) to aid the work of the 2023 Review of Wales’ parliamentary constituencies.

The Assistant Commissioners will chair the crucial public hearings which will be held across Wales in early 2022 as the Commission asks the public to submit their views on the initial proposals which are due to be published in September 2021.

Guide to the 2023 Review
2023 Review

This is the Guide to the 2023 Review. It gives an overview of the policies and procedures which the Commission will follow in undertaking the review of parliamentary constituencies in Wales.

You can also find here the Easy Read version of the Guide.

To see a British Sign Language translation of this Guide, click here.