Boundary Commission publishes consultation responses

Record number of representations made public

The Boundary Commission for Wales has published the representations it received during its Initial Consultation Period on Wales’s proposed new constituencies.

The Commission received a record 1211 representations during the Initial Consultation Period, approximately 3 times the number received during the equivalent consultation period in the last (2018) review.

The consultation opened on 8 September 2021 and closed on 3 November 2021 with respondents able to contribute via an online consultation portal, through email, or in the post.

Many respondents were opposed to the proposals, with many making comments on the reduction in the number of MPs in Wales – over which the Commission has no control.

Many however commented that they were supportive of the proposals for their area.

Representations were received from every existing constituency in Wales, with the highest numbers coming from the current Arfon, Ceredigion, and Caerphilly constituencies.

Approximately 20% of respondents submitted counter proposals, which are particularly helpful as the Commission develops its Revised Proposals.

19 of the current 40 Welsh MPs submitted their views, along with 7 of the 60 Members of the Senedd.

A spokesperson for the Boundary Commission for Wales said: “We’d like to take this opportunity once again to thank everyone who submitted their views during the initial consultation period.

“We’re currently considering the representations we’ve received, and they will have a big impact as we develop our Revised Proposals.

“We’re looking forward now to our second consultation period, which opens on 11 January, where you will have the opportunity to make comments on the representations that were sent in during the initial consultation.”

The Commission’s second consultation period opens on 11 January and lasts for 6 weeks and gives the public the opportunity to make comments upon the representations already received.

During this period, the Commission will also hold 5 Public Hearings in Aberystwyth (13 Jan), Bangor (19 Jan), Wrexham (3 Feb), Swansea (10 Feb), and Cardiff (17 Feb), where the public can submit their views in person.

Those wishing to speak at the Public Hearings are asked to email the Commission at as soon as possible to book a slot.

To view the representations, click here.

To view the Guide to the Public Hearings, click here.