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31 January 2013

31 January 2013

Statement Regarding the 2013 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies.
Parliament has passed an amendment to the Electoral Registration and Administration Bill which impacts on the Boundary Commission for Wales (the Commission) and specifically the current Review of Parliamentary Constituencies.

The amendment makes a change to the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011, the Act of Parliament which sets the rules for the Commission’s current review. The date which the Commission is required to report its recommendations for revised Parliamentary constituency boundaries to Parliament has been changed from “before 1st October 2013” to “not before 1st September 2018 and before 1st October 2018”.

The Commission is required to use, for the basis of its recommendations, the electorate of a particular area on the ‘review date’ and the review date is defined in the Act as two years and ten months before the date by which the Commission is required to submit its report to Parliament.

Therefore this amendment has the effect of cancelling the current review. The Commission will no longer report its final recommendations to Parliament before October 2013 and will not finalise development of these final recommendations.

The Commission wishes to thank all of those who took the time to engage so helpfully and constructively with the extensive public consultation on the 2013 Review. Although the strict rules meant that in some cases difficult choices had to be made, the Commission were very impressed with the information submitted and the level of engagement from local people and communities across Wales. The representations submitted will be kept by the Commission and will be a useful source of information for the next Review. Even though this Review has been cancelled, the Commission hopes that the level of engagement by the public in future Reviews will continue to be high, consistent with the importance of the work of the Commission in making recommendations to Parliament on constituency boundaries.